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Discover the Power of Functional Foods

As a trusted nutrition authority, published author, and classically trained chef, Chef Jess incorporates tailored health and evidence-based strategies while integrating culinary skills with holistic nutrition to foster well-being.

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Increase productivity and improve employee satisfaction by investing in corporate wellness

lower turnover with companies that promote well-being and implement wellness practices. (Mercer)


respondents reported that workplace wellness programs reduced their organization’s health care costs. (US Chamber


of employees expect support from employers in achieving work-life balance. (PR Newswire



Corporate Wellness

Creates corporate wellness education materials, including presentations, media, and print content, boosting employee health and wellness. 

Cooking Demonstrations

Performs educational culinary demonstrations, that empower audiences to cook functional forward foods that are delicious and beneficial to their health. 

Lunch and Learn's

Engage in a thoughtful conversation regarding food science over a carefully curated meal prepared by Chef Jess.

Trusted Partners

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