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Registered Dietitian

Nutrition, Culinary, and Everything in Between: Empowering brands and inspiring audiences, one bite at a time!


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New Chef Jess Book

28-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Designed to turn off your body’s inflammatory response and help you find lifestyle solutions to increase energy, reduce brain fog, and alter your eating patterns. Our cook book includes a wellness tracker to help you record your progress and stay motivated throughout the program.


Chef Jess is an integrative and functional nutrition expert, spokesperson, and media personality who empowers food and beverage brands with a captivating fusion of culinary and functional nutrition expertise.
Cheff Jess is a culinary and functional nutrition spokesperson


Consider Chef Jess as your brand representative for your upcoming event, conference, or on-air segment. Her personable nature and simplified communication style will help connect your brand with your audience.

A Culinary Demo by Chef Jess

culinary demos

Eliminate hassle with a culinary demonstration that provides tangible functional nutrition knowledge that empowers your audience and fosters a deeper connection to your brand.

Business Modules & Trainings 

Education Modules & Training Creation 

Provide your audience or brand partners with an in-depth functional nutrition course for your upcoming product launch, core ingredient, or in-market food item. 

Chef Jess Recipe Research and Development


Allow Chef Jess to provide your team with the most accurate nutrition insights, empowering you and your audience to make informed nutrition decisions and stay abreast of ever-changing industry trends.

Chef Jess Corporate Wellness Workshop

Corporate Wellness 

Enhance employee well-being and productivity with interactive workshops, lunch and learns and group consultations. Chef Jess provides a health-conscious approach to nutrition within the workplace.

Chef Jess Customized Services

customized Services

Let Chef Jess create a customized plan for any nutrition need! From nutrition research to culinary expertise, Chef Jess offers a comprehensive range of services, simplifying the process for your brand's marketing and communications team. 


Let's connect, communicate, and collaborate!

Let's talk food! Drop me a line and I will get back with you in 24-48 hours. 

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